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Haroldo F. Castro


Forty years of professional experience as an international communications strategist, filmmaker and television producer, photojournalist, and conservationist. Specific expertise includes:

Project and Program Management

Directed a communications department for a leading environmental organization, managing international projects, coordinating and supervising local and international staff, and participating in its Senior Staff.

Strategic Planning in Communications

Created a methodology (the 4-P Workshop) to design communications strategies which was applied in near 30 countries and 6 languages. Designed and supervised the production of communications tools to support the implementation of communications strategies.

Video, Television & Radio Direction and Production

Created a vast array of video products such as documentaries, feature stories, video news releases, television and radio spots, promotional videos, and educational programs. Experience includes developing concept and script, directing field production, producing, and editing. Received more than 50 international film and video awards.

International Teleconferences and Live Broadcast

Participated as producer in live teleconferences and live television events, coordinating satellite links, program distribution, and on-site production.


Recorded near a thousand of hours of award-winning images. Highly experienced in wildlife filmmaking, environmental issues, travel, and cultural topics.


Produced hundreds of comprehensive feature articles and news stories for international news agencies, magazines, and newspapers. Acted as international correspondent for foreign media organizations.

Environmental Journalism

Engaged in promoting environmental reporting. Created and implemented an environmental award for journalists in developing countries and organized training seminars.

Event organizer

Organized regional, national, and international workshops, press conferences, concerts, art, and photo exhibits.