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Lights of Africa Haroldo Castro was recently in Africa with his son Mikael Castro on a 8-month media expedition "Lights of Africa" throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. The project's purpose was to seek out, produce and disseminate inspiring and creative media stories about this compelling region.

Three major themes Biodiversity Conservation, World Heritage Sites and Sustainable Tourism drove the media stories sought out in the region. While many journalists focus on the economic, political and social challenges that plague the continent, the heart of this project was to uncover the many faces of light and hope which shine in Southern and Eastern Africa.

In 2010, hundreds of millions of people from all continents have focused their attention on the region as South Africa hosted one of the most popular international sporting events, the FIFA Football World Cup. This represented a unique opportunity to rework the mindset of the international media and public opinion, highlighting the positives changes that are already happening in the continent and showing examples of success.

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